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11) Layne Halliday
Friday April 29
9 – 1 $80

1” Scale Rectangle Parquetry Tray with Folding Cherry Wood Stand.

Students will receive a packet of precut parts to make the tray and stand, using cherry, holly, rose wood and brass. Learn to mark parquetry tray and lay down the pattern. Saw the legs, drill the holes and assemble the stand. The tray is removable. Learn to use a jeweler’s saw and drill. Bring 6” ruler, fine tweezers, 220 and 330 grit sandpaper, right angle, small container to hold wood pieces, jewelers saw and very fine blade, 3” C-clamp, cutting mat, smooth square tile, x-acto knife with new #11 blade, Hawks Beak or V-Notched Bench Pin (if you have one), light and magnification, if needed.

All skill levels welcome.


Texas Miniature Showcase
P.O. Box 3294
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-3294

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