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Class 9

9) Ron Hubble
Sunday May 7 - Wednesday May 10
10 - 6 • $ TBA

We're Sorry, Class is Full.

Stanza d’Arte.

This class is a 1” scale box that was inspired by an elegant Tuscan Villa Gallery of Art. Some of the design is from the original miniature piece that was created for the famed Museum of Miniature in Los Angeles. It consists of an elaborately detailed compound arched ceiling with side niches. There are 4 highly ornate square pilasters holding up the ceiling. The floor will be multi level in hand painted marble. The décor will be a typical Tuscan mix of elegant details and aged sophistication to house your collection of art from sculpture and painting to china and furniture. Or add some of Ron’s special creations done just for this project. Ron is working to complete the prototype, with approximate dimensions of 18” wide, 17” tall, and 9 “ deep. Watch the web site for pictures and final pricing, which is expected to be in line with other Hubble workshops. A $300 deposit will secure your space in this class. LIMITED TO 10 STUDENTS. Bring your tool kit to include masking tape, paper towels, metal ruler, X-acto knife with #11 blades, pencil, cutting mat, and scissors. Light and magnification are recommended. Medium difficulty.

Texas Miniature Showcase
P.O. Box 3294
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-3294

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