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New Classes!
See Classes 3 (A) and 13 (A)

1) Rik Pierce
Sunday April 24 – Thursday April 28
8 – 5 $1100

We're Sorry,
This Class Has Been Canceled.

1” Scale “Duddingwell’s Tea Room”

This 2 story building with a loft can be adapted to many themes (think: book store, antiques). It is finished in paper clay for the look of old plasterwork on brick.

Class 1

2)Hubble & Taylor
Tues April 26,  –  Thurs April 28
10 - 6 $1325

We're Sorry,
This Class Has Been Canceled.

Jacobean Drawing Room

Learn special techniques for an antique white patina, marbling & toning on castings taken from hand-carved panels by John Hodgson. 

Class 2

3) James Carrington
Thursday April 28
8 – 5 $160

Sculpting a Bust in Polymer Clay.

Try your hand at sculpting heads in polymer clay for the first time or experienced students can learn Jamie’s new, failsafe method of sculpting.


3 (A)  Carl R. Sahlberg
Thursday April 28       
8-5 p.m. $ 85.00

Dollhouse Wiring for the 21st Century

This class is designed to simplify and make one comfortable in wiring their own dollhouse.



4) Ruth Stewart
Thurs April 28
8 – 5 $125

Harlequin Wonky Cake.

Now is your chance to learn to make a fancy Wonky cake from a magic cake mix that is completely sliceable. 

Class 4

5) Paula Gilhooley
Thursday April 28
8 - 5 $70

Basket with Spring Flowers.

Students will make iris, parrot tulips, cosmos and blue flowers and arrange them in a basket.

Class 5

6) Eve Karoblis Mabe
Thursday April 28
6 - 10 $65

Afternoon Delight.

This romantic lace table is set with a bottle of champagne, 2 flutes, and includes strawberries dipped in chocolate, a red rose, a bowl of caviar with toast points.

Class 6

7) LaJuanna Clarke
Friday April 29
8 – 12

Letters to Santa.

Letters, cards, catalogs and packages will bring your post office to life.

Class 7

8) Josephine Meyer
Friday April 29
8 – 12

Dutch Landscape

Students will paint the landscape of colorful tulips with three windmills in the background, from Josephine’s original work.

Class 8

9) LaJuanna Clarke
Friday April 29
1 – 5 $70

Twas the Night Before Christmas.

A box that opens into a book will contain a chair, coat rack and fireplace with embellishments made by you.

Class 9

10) Barbara Meyer
Friday April 29
1 – 5 $75

1/4” English Garden in a plexi cube.

All materials will be supplied to complete this elegant garden.

Class 10

11) Layne Halliday
Friday April 29
9 – 1 $80

1” Scale Rectangle Parquetry Tray with Folding Cherry Wood Stand.

Students will receive a packet of precut parts to make the tray and stand, using cherry, holly, rose wood and brass.


12) Mary Banner
Sunday May 1
8 - 12 $105

Adobe Building.

A southwest designed building that is easy to assemble and paint. 1/4” Adobe


13) Kate Hruban
Sunday May 1
1 – 5 $55

1” Ladies Chair.

Sew, iron, pin and glue to make this graceful chair.

Class 13

13 (A)  Carl R. Sahlberg
Sunday May 1
8-5 p.m $55.00

Electrical Wiring & Soldering

This class is open to those having taken the full day class on basic soldering and wiring or equivalent.

Class 13

14) Ed Mabe
Sunday May 1
8 – 5 $120

Tortoise Shell Paint Class
with Gold Leafed Furniture.

Learn gold leafing, crackle finish on upholstery, faux tortoise shell painting and how to work a factory finish with a Hollywood set painter.

Class 14

15) Ron Hubble and Judy Taylor
Sunday May 1 – Wednesday May 4
10 – 6 $1425

We're Sorry,
This Class is Full.

Passages de Paris.

A Hubble/Taylor class that is an experience in architecture. The Art Nouveau main shop has views through to other shop fronts, on the side and behind the main shop.

Class 15

16) Children’s Class.
Saturday April 30
A) 10-12 B) 2-4
Registration $4

Kids can create a Christmas scene with Nancy Welenski. . MUST PRE-REGISTER. Classes limited to 8 students per session. Picture not available.


Suggestions for your tool box: x-acto knife with #11 blades, fine pointed tweezers, paper scissors, fabric scissors, cork backed ruler, metal miter box with blade saw, fine lead mechanical pencil, needle nose pliers, small wire cutters, self healing cutting mat, mini builder’s square or solid angles, round toothpicks, ball stylus, emery boards, medium and fine sandpaper, small clamps, several sizes of paint brushes, Tacky and Crazy glues, wax paper, paper towels, wet wipes, latex gloves and a small note pad for notes. A work light and magnification is helpful in many classes..

Exhibits:  Contact Jerry Lund at 972-250-6484
and share your miniatures at the show.
Inspire others with your creations and collections.

Auction items are not solicited, but are gratefully accepted. 
Contact Dani at 972-217-5005 or

Texas Miniature Showcase
P.O. Box 3294
Cedar Hill, TX 75106-3294

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